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Network Virtualisation in Server 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A significant new feature in Windows Server 2012 is the ability to virtualise your network.

Windows Server now enables you to create an agile, multi-client environment on top of your existing infrastructure by virtualizing the network. Network virtualization seperates server configuration from network configuration to provide a virtual dedicated network to each client. This allows seamless migration of VMs around your environment, while continuing to provide security isolation between tenants. 

While Layer 2 virtualisation has been around for some time, the ability to virtualise the at Layer 3 is the key improvement in Windows Server 2012, giving the following benefits:

  • VMs can be moved anywhere in the datacentre without updating their IP addresses
  • VMs can be moved to any datacentre around the world without updating their IP addresses
  • VMs can be moved from an on-premise private cloud to a hosted private cloud (and vice versa) without updating their IP addresses

This now means it is possible virtualise even those old servers that run applications with hard-coded IP addresses and static routes.  They can even be made scalable and agile without affecting how they operate.

If you are implementing a new private cloud, datacentre or migrating from 2008 please contact us for expert advice. 

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