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Umbraco Version 5. Any good?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New version. New rules. New methodology. New everything. Better?

Well, the Umbraco V5 Beta was released at the start of November 2011 and went RTM in January 2012! We've now had time to play with it, here's our thoughts:

To start with, this is not an upgrade but a total re-write. The developers have clearly put a huge amount of effort in. While it might appear very similar to web designers, to a developer (and your website host) it's very, very different - it's now based on ASP.NET MVC 3

Also, the out-of-the-box features that used to come with V4.x are not available fully yet. The development team are focussing on the core system, and ensuring it's stable and scalable before matching like-for-like the features from the older versions. In fact, some might criticise that it's more like a version 1.0 of a new CMS rather than a new version of an existing system.

Having said that, what does come as standard should afford even the most junior developer or web designer the tools they need to create a website quickly and professionally. And, the Umbraco Community have already put a tonne of packages out there for free download and integration.

Needless to say because this is a total re-write there is no simple upgrade path. Apparently it can be done, but if you want V5, we would highly recommend taking the opportunity to start fresh and prune your expired content and legacy code.


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